Wonderfully sketched portraits to gift/present your loved ones.

Makes your eyes believe it is real!

First and foremost what one likes in the world is one’s face as it is the index of the man. A portrait embodying a man/woman in pencil sketch aptly stands alluring to everyone who watches and gets registered in their minds. If you desire to bestow your beloved, respected people or loved ones with an unimaginable gift that will stand out and linger in their memory, Portrait could be the right and unique option as it will steal the show on any occasion. Family members may prefer to keep a portrait of their grandfather/mother, mentors and ancestors as an epitome of ethical life and culture besides a matter of enduring significance forever.

The portraits are elegantly framed in a trendy fashion to display in homes, offices and public places. Moreover one can easily wipe/clean with water/soap as it is fully laminated.


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