Unique designed, durable, and reusable high-quality bags

Non-Woven bags are made to withstand a fair amount of weight as they come in various thicknesses and shapes.  Handles of these bags are available in two types i.e., one in cloth and one in wood.  A Bag with wood handle can accommodate up to 15 Kgs.  With enough space to keep more items, these bags are printed in Single, Double and Multi colours. These low priced bags are of good quality with long life. 

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- Normal cloth handle and wooden handle available

- Single, Double and Multicolour premium printing

- Light (100 GSM), Medium (110 GSM) and Strong (120 GSM) Bag quality available in Wooden handle bags

Available sizes & Bag Model:

Wooden Handle Bag

  •  16(W) x 5(G) x 19(H) Inch

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Total : 9,562.00
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