Micro Size Brown Kraft

Paper bags are environmentally friendly!

What strikes our mind when we say Paper bag, it’s simply bags made of old newspapers which is not so. Though called paper bags, contrary to our belief, these bags are manufactured from high quality, not-so-easy-to tear, imported paper boards. These bags are eco friendly, designed to reduce the use of plastic bags. Printed in enticing multi-colour designs, these look extraordinarily exotic and are user friendly in many ways. Coming in various thicknesses, these are less costlier and can accommodate a lot and withstand a fair amount of weight. 


- Suitable for jewellery, cosmetic products, gifts, opticals, footwear, garments and other fancy items

Our Kraft paper bags are made of 100% naturally recycled material.

- Kraft paper bags have a high aesthetic feeling

- Available size: 11(L) x 8(W) x 4(G)  inch

-  Paper quality: 110 GSM Bleached white kraft

Price Calculator

Total : 12,600.00