To showcase the inner beauty of the products and specifications

Stickers are used on all products and carton boxes, be it pharmaceutical, drinking water, food products, cleaning products, agricultural products, etc. Stickers come as back gummed and front gummed and can effortlessly be pasted on the objects. Printed in multicolour in attractive designs and laminated, these add value to the products and the brands. Brand/shop name, product category, quantity, manufacturing/expiry dates and other relevant details will be printed on the stickers so that one will understand the quality of the products just from the outside.

Displays the key information of the products

  • Allowed Height limit 20 In and Width limit- 20 In
  • Shapes available- Square and Rectangle
  • High-quality Gum stickers
  • Paper and Synthetic Stickers available

Price Calculator

(Min: 50, Max: 30000)
Total : 100.00
Estimated Total : 100.00

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